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Ahoy, seafood lovers! The Maine Line is on a mission to reel in the title of Best Food Truck, and we need your help! From our famous Lobster Rolls and hearty Maine Clam Chowdah to our mouthwatering Italian Sandwiches, we bring a taste of the coast right to you. If you’ve ever savored our specialties and thought, “This is the best food truck around,” now’s your chance to make it official. Click the link below and cast your vote – let’s show everyone that The Maine Line is the ultimate catch!


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About Us

Kurt and Brenda moved to Sarasota Florida in 2018 and just loved the area, but they could not find the savory foods that Kurt grew up with back in Maine. In late 2019 Kurt decided to bring a taste of Maine to his new hometown of Sarasota. That is how The Maine Line Started. Kurt is now serving up specialty foods from Maine in his mobile restaurant.


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The Maine Line: Bringing Specialties from Maine to Sarasota, FL

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