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Probably the best Cold Lobster Roll I have had in awhile. There was so much meat in the roll that it was falling out. All claw meat and dressed so light that all you could taste was pure lobster! The roll was buttered so well, I cant imagine what the "Hot" Lobster Roll would be. That will be my next choice.

I was there for the Turtle Watch Function and the owner was the best. I will be looking for the Maine Line truck!!

- Steve H.

So 1 lb of great meat and an experience that has you hooked! Courteous,Friendly,treat you like family!👍🏻👌🏻🙏🏻 SO GOOD WE HAVE TO GO BACK TOMORROW! Great food

- Roy C.

Such a yummy meal. My daughter tried lobster for the 1st time and loved it. Lobstah Rolls were incredible: warm, fresh, and lots of meat. Good coleslaw and the whoopie pies were awesome! One of my new fave places! ❤️🦞 Great food

- Christi Patterson B.


- Stacey F.

The people are really sweet and helpful. Their food is so authentic and delicious!!! Thank u for allowing us to enjoy your amazing food!!!!

- Tina M.

Great food, friendly service. I will be back for sure 🦀

- Jon Matthew H.

Excellent chowder, the clams were soft and the chowder was so good. It felt like we were in Maine having a bowl of chowder. The peanut butter wicked whoopie pie was good also. We cannot wait to taste the red hotdogs and the Maine sub.

- Cindy Childs J.

Fabulous rolls full of sweet tasty lobster. Delicious clam chowder with plenty of clams in it. And very friendly people. Prices are very reasonable. Great food

- Bob G.

I love your lobsta rolls! Just had one at Turtle Beach and have had several from the Gordon's parking lot. So glad you're going to be at the beach. Hoping you much success there.

5 out of 5 stars! Fabulous

- Gayle F.

When I tell you this is the best lobster I’ve ever had! I got the mega lobster roll and the roll was perfectly toasted and the lobster was beyond good. There are not enough things I could say to express how good it was and to find it in Florida, AMAZING!

- Chris H.

Recently purchased property in Harbor Cove and was notified the Maine Line Lobstah truck was going to be there today. I am originally from New England, the last 15 years in Maine and started enjoying lobstah when I was just a young child. I got the warm lobstah roll with buttah and it was delicious along with the cole slaw and Cape Cod chips. Meat was pretty much claw meat (the best) and plenty of it. I thought the price was very reasonable for what I got. I will definitely be back in the future. Thank you for letting me enjoy one of my favorite Maine treats under 80 degree temp

- Janet D.

VERY nice and accommodating ladies operating this food truck conveniently located on US 41 just north of Stickney Point Road. Great bun and generous quantity of fresh juicy lobster. I was offered a taste of chowder, which i accepted. If i have 3 minor complaints they are this: There is no trash bin in that parking lot. Also, please offer some citrus! By that i mean either 1/2 a lemon or lime to cut the sweetness and the butter. Finally, the coleslaw is a tad too sweet. Ill be back for sure and will tell all of my friend

- Yvonne K.

Coming from Massachusetts I can be pretty picky about my lobstah. Saw the Maine Line food truck and figured what the heck let’s give it a try. The warm lobstah roll with melted butter was fabulous. The meat was tender and cooked to perfection. The clam chowdah was authentic and delicious.

- Paul S.

We are from Maine and I have eaten lobster rolls often but these are the best. My husband had a cup of clam chowder and he love it also a real Italian sandwich and was ver pleased. Super Maine foods in Florida. He still has to eat his dessert needhams. Hope you return to our park.

- Charlotte W.

Wow, the BEST, worth every penny! The lobster roll was straight from the east coast, so fresh, overflowing with lobster, the roll that it was sandwiched between was equally as fresh! My husband had the double Italian sandwich that oozed with fresh ingredients, also very excellent! They were very kind and friendly to their customers!

- Julie C.

We searched for area food trucks and found this one online. We loved the sound of it, so we searched him out. So glad we did. Owner was fun to talk to. the food was so fresh and delicious! I had the lobster tacos and they were outstanding. my hubby had the lobster roll and he wanted another one - they were that good. the chowdah was top notch. We really appreciated the $5 kids meals. Owner also had us try the whoopie pie for dessert - which I'm so glad he did! Just a perfect meal from first bite to last!

- Ashley S.

Just went there along Tamiami Trail south of Venice and it's to die for!! Great tasting lobster rolls, albeit on the pricy side. (Since when is seafood not pricey!). I believe this roll goes for $21.99. The Maine Line has authentic New England flavor in its offerings. The taste was incredible. Highly recommended, but be prepared to dish out some money at this food truck. Great location, on Wednesdays.

- oldiesmusic76.

The Maine Line food truck came to our development and we had the opportunity to try them for the first time. We are from New England and highly recommend. We tried the large or mega lobster roll with butter (no mayo). 8 oz of fresh, tasty Maine Lobster. The owner came out and spoke with us to be sure we were having a good experience. We will find your truck and look forward to enjoying more of your lobster!!

- Peggy R.

This was the absolute BEST lobsta rolls & chowder ive had since visiting maine

- CJ B.

The lobster rolls are to die for! On my last visit I had the crabster - 1/2 lobster 1/2 crab meat it was the best ever! If you haven’t stopped by you are missing out. The staff and owners are great.

- Pamela V.

The lobster rolls are to die for! On my last visit I had the crabster - 1/2 lobster 1/2 crab meat it was the best ever! If you haven’t stopped by you are missing out. The staff and owners are great.

- George S.

As a native Bostonian I can thank the Maine Line for saving me on flights home! Now I can have authentic lobster rolls her in sunny Sarasota! The very best!

- Linda Ann R.

BEST Clam Chowder in town. We even compared it with the award winning one from SRQ. Lobstah is definitely from Maine. We are 2 New Englanders!

- Cheryl L.

5 star warm Lobster rolls with to die for coleslaw! Really!! We will be frequenting this food truck on a regular basis!! ??

- Mary A.